About Us


Demand Generation Professionals is proud to be a think tank of industry experts that have created the only true disruptive marketing and demand generation approaches since the advent of the internet.   While marketing success has historically been restricted to companies that are willing and able to spend heavily, the suite of Demand Generation Professionals “Active” demand generation services have leveled the playing field.  For our clients, this means that the company with the best product or service will finally compete equally, no matter their marketing budget. 

In addition to making companies more competitive, Active Demand Generation methods consistently outperform the PASSIVE methods typically used by in-house marketing teams.


Mr. Nichols is a dynamic, driven, and results-oriented thought leader with over 20 years of experience as a successful leader in the areas of sales, marketing, and demand generation.  Eric’s proven ability to design and implement effective demand generation initiatives has resulted in a legacy of driving significant brand, revenue and profit growth across highly competitive markets for every single client of Demand Generation Professionals.