Active Lead Generation

Nobody likes to be sold to, but everyone likes to buy.

Sales & Leadership trainer Dr. Earl Taylor

Reliable business intelligence gained by Active Data Acquisition, is great at determining which companies are the right target for your specific marketing/sales campaigns. Unfortunately, even the right targets are not necessarily receptive to your message. Passive marketing, even to the right companies, will still fail 75% of the time. The only way to maximize revenue, profit and ROI is by continuing to utilize Active methods. While no marketing approach can deliver 100% conversion, Active Lead Generation can lower the failure rate from 75% to as low as 15%.

Active Lead Generation _______:

  1. Confirms data previously collected to ensure fit.
  2. Confirms interest/need for your product or service.
  3. Confirms the contact’s role in the decision-making process.
  4. Confirms desire for additional written information and sales conversations


Leads created by ALG are far more valuable than leads collected by traditional (passive) methods. ALG reaches prospects much earlier in the consideration process. In fact, many may not have even considered the solution before. Said another way, they have a latent pain, a pain that has until now, not been acknowledged or admitted. This is the opportunity to be the thought-leader and the trusted-advisor to the customer.

It is common to be frustrated with a process or system within an organization for years before ever considering that there may be a better way or a new technology that has eliminated that frustration. It is not until a person becomes aware of an alternative process or tool that the frustration becomes an admitted pain.


By being the first person to share the new information, they will forever be an authority and trusted-advisor on all things concerning her route to work. This is the type of relationship all solution providers want to have with their valued clients. This is one of many reasons that Active Lead Generation has a high conversion rate and the generated leads will supply valuable fuel for the sales & marketing funnels for many months to come.


Although both Active & Passive Lead Generation can be outsourced, Demand Generation Professionals supplies our clients with the training and materials they need to do their own Active Lead Generation for a fraction of the cost of outsourcing.


Active Lead Generation is not about selling the value of the solution or convincing a contact to meet. Rather, the data needs to be confirmed, the contact’s role must be confirmed and the prospect’s need for your solution must be confirmed. Once these confirmations are made the prospect is promoted to the next phase of the process and sent to the Sales Development team.