Active Commitment Generation

Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation.

Robert H. Schuller

Before attending or exhibiting at a tradeshow, it’s always wise to reach out to current or prospective clients and ask them to at least commit to coming to your booth. Typically, sales teams are tasked with this thankless task and often, very few commitments are gained or honored. However, the cost of having internal resources attempt to get commitments is usually significant. While much less effective than our Tradeshow AAG service, The Demand Gen Pros Active Commitment Generation service will significantly reduce your cost of getting the required commitments. To put it simply, with your direction, we contact current customers or prospects and ask them to commit to attending the show. We do that using a multi-touch approach which would improve results, but we do it as an hourly campaign. The reason is that verbal commitments over the phone to attend a conference like yours have a lower success rate. Other things come up, different priorities and they haven’t made an actual investment in attending. The highest return is achieved when there is an actual scheduled sales meeting that happens between the prospect and a member of your team during the tradeshow.