Active Data Cleaning

Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation.

Robert H. Schuller

At trade shows or events, exhibitor leave with 1000s of badge scans representing the individuals that stopped at their booth to get the giveaway, register for a drawing, so on. While there is likely some value in all these badge scans, there are also many people that have no need for your product/service and simply stopped at your booth for the giveaway. Unfortunately, separating the good from the bad requires a significant amount of effort by someone willing to makes 1000s of phone calls trying to qualify the badge scans. And, don’t misunderstand, it IS a significant task to qualify badge scans from a trade show - It takes, on average, 8 calls to get someone on the phone. So, if an exhibitor has 3000 badge scans, someone will need to make 24,000 calls on average to reach every prospect and determine if there really is an opportunity there. There are less than 260 business days in a calendar year. So, if an exhibitor has someone make 100 calls a day every day, it would take them a year to reach everyone.

At DGP, we take the task off your plate and take ownership of qualifying all the badge scans you gathered. However, not only do we make the calls, we also qualify it for:

  • Decision making authority
  • Pain/need, and
  • Commitment to fixing the pain.
  • If it meets all qualifiers, we schedule a sales conversation between the client and the prospect.

The result is higher quality results in a shorter timeframe and at a much lower cost than doing it internally.